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Caspar Sonnet – Rōnin Blues cassettes now available!

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Rōnin Blues marks Caspar Sonnet’s 5th solo release since 2010. It also signifies his most extreme record to date, containing musical hallucinations, choral incantations and dizzying, extended techniques. The album’s sparse instrumentation drives the focus of this record, not to mention it’s unusual interpretations of pre-war blues forms. Considered by the artist to be a very personal breakthrough record, it proves to be an introductory masterpiece of what is yet to come. A haunting collection of musical stories, effectively creeping their way through an entangled unknown dark.  



Track Listing:

  1. Koreatown Blues (2:27) 2. Business Blues (2:50) 3. Calabasas Blues (2:15) 4. Incantation Blues (2:32) 5. Letcher Blues (2:18) 6. Refrigerator Hum Blues (2:46) 7. Wrecking Ball Blues (3:25)
  2. Late Train Blues (2:59) 9. Joshua Tree Blues (4:51)



Caspar Sonnet – acoustic lap-steel, voice, harmonica, percussion

Recorded & mixed by Caspar Sonnet (ASCAP)

Mastered by Arman Bohn


Caspar Sonnet (b. Los Angeles, 1976) is an experimental multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter. His unusual song structures, instrumentation, extended techniques and haunting voice have been inspired by an array of eclectic sources, including: native american mythology, pre-war blues, world music and minimalist composition/orchestration.


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